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Blanc d’anji

Classic, herbal, floral

White tea

€ 10,70


Curious about what walking in a field, covered in blossoms on a sunny day would taste like? Then have a cup of this tea! You can scent the white floral notes with a slight herbal touch and a tinge of sweetness from afar. White tea is well known for its rich and refined taste, it is high in antioxidants, low in theine and simply delicious at all times!

Fun fact

According to legend, white tea was discovered by a girl called Langu from Fuding County in Fujian, China, where the great Taimu Mountain is located. While taking refuge in a cave during a storm, she found a special tea tree whose young buds were covered with silvery hair. During an outbreak of a disease in her village, she used the tea to cure many of the villagers. And so arose the conviction surrounding white tea and its health benefits wich are still followed to this day! This legend coincided with historical records that the tea was first produced in Fuding County in 1796 and later spread to two other counties (Zhenhe and Jianyang) in Fujian province.


Focused, balanced, warm


white tea, mild, smooth and balanced, notes of spring blossom





Brewing quantity

2 grams / 300ml

Brewing temperature

80 °C

Steeping time

3 minutes

Brewing method

2 grams / 300ml
3 minutes
80 °C

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