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Darjeeling Castleton F.T.G.F.O.P.

Classic, full bodied,

Black tea

€ 10,20

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South Darjeeling, situated in the northern part of India at the foot of the Himalayas, is known for its optimal climatological conditions to grow tea. The unique air and soil quality contribute to the Darjeeling Castleton's flavour and aroma. With a fine, full body and some roasted nutty notes this classic black Castleton tea is a must have for every tea lover.

Fun fact

Darjeeling is often referred to as 'the champagne of teas'. The old tea garden overlooks the slopes of the Himalayas.


Awake, focused, warm


black tea Darjeeling, full bodied, smooth mouthfeel, hints of nutmeg and walnut




withering, crushing, oxidating, drying

Brewing quantity

3 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

90 °C

Steeping time

3 minutes

Brewing method

3 grams / 300 ml
3 minutes
90 °C

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