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Glass drip filter 03

Hario V-60



The V-shaped conical paper filter enables deeper layering and better extraction of the coffee grounds. When water is added, it gradually flows to the center of the cone, producing a rich balanced flavour. Classic filters often have a straight bottom, leaving room for overextraction and so influencing your cup. The cone makes for a clean exctraction and using this manual way of brewing gives you total controle over your brew!

Fun fact

The clear heat-resistant glass allows you to watch the coffee being brewed, providing a visual coffee experience. Place the 03 directly on your thermos and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee at any time!


1-6 cups


Glass dripper : heatproof glass
Holder and measuring spoon : polypropylene, black

Measurements W*H*D

W117 × D125 × H160mm



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