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Kenya Zosma AFRE Espresso roast

Discover the taste of Kenyan coffee

Espresso Espresso or filter roast?

We only sell whole coffee beans in our web shop (with exception of our limited coffee taste box!). The coffee bean is less fragile, it will better preserve its flavour and aroma in our special valved bags, this will give you the best quality when brewing your coffee at home.

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Mild body, ripe papaya, cinnamon stick, dried dated



Fun fact

The abbreviation AFRE in the full lot name is from Spanish– fruity (Afrudato) with strong notes of strawberry (FREsa). Kenyan coffee is grown on well-drained, phosphate-rich red volcanic soils around the slopes and foothills of Mount Kenya, the Aberdade Ranges, Mount Elgon, the Kisisl Highlands and parts of the Rift Valley. Kenya’s climate contributes to the successful cultivation of great coffees with summer temperatures never hotter than summer in Europe and never cooler than the perfect European spring, along with a perfect temperature, rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. These climatic conditions are ideal for coffee plants. FARM Founder - William Murathe. Farm - Ibutiti Farm, produce coffee from 1970. Farm has its own washing station (from 1980s) and small warehouse. Mercy Murathe - the wife of the late William Murathe, she is now the one in charge of the Ibutiti farm. William Murathe was the head of the Ibutiti estate for almost 50 years. He was not only a coffee farmer, but a successful businessman. In his early days, William built up a wine and spirits import and distribution business and later entered politics. He passed away in 2017, at the age of 86, and the estate and benefit are now run by his wife Maercy and son David, who for many years had helped his father tend to all the jobs. Varieties: Ruiru 11 is a compact, high yielding variety developed in Kenya to allow for more intensive coffee production with fewer losses from diseases and pests. Ruiru 11 owes its existence to a coffee berry disease (CBD) epidemic in 1968 that lead to the loss of 50% of Kenya’s production. In the 1970s, the coffee research station at Ruiru, which gives Ruiru 11 its name, began an intensive breeding program for varieties that were immune to CBD. This led to the development of Ruiru 11, which was released in 1985. SL28 is among the most well-known and well-regarded varieties of Africa. It has consequently spread from Kenya, where it was originally selected in the 1930s, to other parts of the world.



Mercy Murathe


Farm Ibutiti




region Murang'a, district Gatanga


Zosma AFRE


Ruiru 11, SL 28, SL 34




Fully Washed


1855 m

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