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Herbal, fruity

Herbal infusion

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This infusion is a blend with nothing but goodness, verbena, rose petals, passion fruit, and bark of the South American lapacho tree. Research teaches us that the lapacho bark is praised for its benefits fighting infection, feaver and digestive complaints. Fungal infection or not, we simply adore this blend no matter when for its balanced sweetness with some smooth notes of peach and passion fruit. The lapacho produces a sweet, woody and herbal taste, creating a complete, lingering aftertaste.

Fun fact

Besides of it being delicious, there were plenty of reasons for the ancient Incas to use the inner bark of the pau d'arco tree. They were truly convinced of its health benefits and called the lapacho tree ' the tree of life'.


Relaxed, balanced, happy


lapacho bark, verbena, linden, rose leaf, passion fruit, apricot



Brewing quantity

2 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

100 °C

Steeping time

5-6 minutes

Brewing method

2 grams / 300 ml
5-6 minutes
100 °C

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