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Mexico Mundo Novo Filter

Thomas Edelmann
Finca Hamburgo, Mexico

Filter What's my roast?

We only sell whole coffee beans in our web shop. The coffee bean is less fragile, it will better preserve its flavour and aroma in our special valved bags, this will give you the best quality when brewing your coffee at home.

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Medium to full bodied, smooth, fresh notes of passionfruit, mandarin, lavender, chestnut

Fun fact

This blend between Catuai and Mundo Novo coffee beans results in a great cup no matter how you want to brew it! And if the flavour is half as interesting as the plant itself we are up for a real treat! After the discovery of Île Bourbon, modern day Réunion by the Potuguese, they named this plant Mundo Novo since it was a type of huge coffee plants growing in their own New World. But there was a problem; these tall growing plants where too difficult to harvest and maintain. So a few years later the Mundo Novo was crossed with the Caturra variety ( which is a dwarf bourbon variety) to create an equally delicious but smaller plant. Later on this new variety called Catuai made its way to Brazil and became the world's most popular Ararabica variety! And now, it is blended again with a very close family member, seems perfect! This beautifully aged coffee was roasted a hint darker than medium roast, creating body and rich, fresh flavours in any cup! Use a classic coffee brewer, hand- or automatic dripper, v60, chemex, french press or any filer brew you love!



Thomas Edelmann


Finca Hamburgo, Mexico




Southeast Mexico, Chiapas


La Ventana


Catuai & Mundo Novo






900 m

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