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Mexico Villa Sarchi Espresso Roast

by Thomas Edelmann / Finca Hamburgo

Espresso Espresso or filter roast?

We only sell whole coffee beans in our web shop. The coffee bean is less fragile, it will better preserve its flavour and aroma in our special valved bags, this will give you the best quality when brewing your coffee at home.


Full and creamy body, hint of citrus, sweet herbal flavour of tomato and basil

Fun fact

Villa Sarchi Coffee Variety Growing Conditions: Villa Sarchi coffee is well-suited for cultivation at high altitudes and can withstand strong winds. Bourbon-Typica Group: It belongs to the Bourbon-Typica group of coffee varieties and is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. Origin: Villa Sarchi coffee originated from the Instituto del Café de Costa Rica (ICAFE). Mutation: Similar to Caturra and Pacas, Villa Sarchi is a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant. This mutation is caused by a single-gene mutation, resulting in smaller plant growth, often referred to as "Dwarf/Compactism." It was first discovered in Costa Rica during the 1950s-1960s. Sarchimor Group: Villa Sarchi is also renowned for being one of the key components of the "Sarchimor" group of coffee varieties. This group was developed in response to the threat of coffee leaf rust in Latin America during the 1970s. Coffee researchers aimed to create rust-resistant coffee varieties with compact growth habits to enable denser planting. Sarchimor's Origin: To create the Sarchimor group, breeders crossed a rust-resistant Timor Hybrid coffee plant (a natural cross between Arabica and Canefora known for its rust resistance) with compact Villa Sarchi. This crossbreeding effort resulted in the hybrid 361 (H361), which was aptly named "Sarchimor."



Thomas Edelmann


Finca Hamburgo, Mexico




Southeast Mexico, Chiapas




Villa Sarchi




Fully Washed



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