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As a company or business, the products you work with are a reflection of the values you stand for. Choosing Onan coffee shows that you care about quality, sustainability and honesty. We work with high standard single estate coffees that are 100 percent traceable. Become a unique player in the coffee field and get one of our private lot coffees, exclusively for your business.

Nothing better to finish a perfect meal than with a perfect coffee or espresso! A fine tea or infusion maybe? Your customers will be delighted! Or offering your employees a coffee break to look forward to: you can be sure, the better the coffee the happier the people!

We don’t only offer coffee, we also have a wide range of teas you can choose from. Have a taste of our great tea selection at our bar and decide which tea suits your business best.

You'll have...a great coffee machine

Get to know our office automatic espresso maker or get some more info on professional espresso machines. Offer clients, guests or collegues a great cup of fresh Onan coffee brewed by the machine that suits your business best.

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You'll Serve... the most amazing coffee in town

Want to bring some of the Onan magic to your business?  We can help you serve the best coffee in town!

Discover our direct trade coffees

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you'll enjoy...a whole new level of qualitea

Get to know our wide variety of tasteful and colourful teas to serve at the office, your bar or restaurant.

Discover our teas and infusions.

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