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These Holidays we'll make your brew come true!

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Xmas Blend
Merry Mandarine
Herbal infusion

A fresh and warming herbal infusion that will blow you away!

Xmas Blend
Santa's Cinnamon Bunn

Rooibos infusion with apple, ginger, gingerbread, rapeseed, rosehip, cinnamon, star anise, blackberry leaf and buckwheat

Xmas Blend
Christmas Eve
Black tea

Black tea with clove, almond, cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon

Xmas Blend
Green Mistletoe
Green tea

Green tea sencha blended with orange peel, almond, pink pepper, saflower

Xmas Blend
Rooibos gingerbread

Rooibos, almond, pistachio, orange peel, coriander and pink pepper

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