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Pomme d’amour

Fruity, sweet

Fruit infusion

€ 9,80


Pomme d’Amour is an original alternative for a classic apple tea, or even apple juice . The added pineapple gives this fruit infusion a sweeter taste that complements the apple wonderfully!

Fun fact

Want to know more about me? I am astonishing, warm and homely at Christmas time, welcomed and loved on Valentine, maybe too hot in summer? No way, I can keep cool on ice and still be great! I am Pomme d' Amour!


Relaxed, warm, happy


apple, pineapple



Brewing quantity

5 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

100 °C

Steeping time

5-6 minutes

Brewing method

5 grams / 300 ml
5-6 minutes
100 °C

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