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RS16 Tritan Filter

New Intense Extraction Coffee brewer & Flavour-Enhancing Glass



This scientifically developped RS16 Tritan coffee brewer, is the newest technology for filter brewing! The shape and material of both the filter and the glass contribute to the flavour-enhancing capacity, resulting in a balanced and complex cup of coffee. This R16 is made of Tritan, through injection moulded. This is a unique, high-quality material with the highest approvals for food (EFSA, FDA). The RS16 Tritan filter impressively emphasises the complexity of the coffee and doesn't need any additional filter, it is completely reusable!


Innovative, flavourful, complex

Fun fact

You can also use this set for a delicious iced coffee. Just add some ice cubes in the glass and brew your cup over it!

Set consists of

RS16 Tritan Filter (reusable!)
Coffee Glass


Tritan (injection moulded)

Brewing Instructions

Place your RS16 filter in your cupholder on top of your glass
Use 16 grams of coarsely ground coffee
Pour 180 mL of water gradually through the filter
Enjoy the flavour bomb!

Coffee roast

We recommend using a filter roast with a coarse ground

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