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Wild chamomile

Herbal, floral

Herbal infusion

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This herbal infusion tea is made of pure chamomile flowers, freshly picked and carefully dried. We fancy these little aromatic flowers for their calming and soothing benefits. Drinking a cup of our wild chamomile tea before going to sleep, soothes the brain and can do wonders for a good night's rest!

Fun fact

Chamomile is a tiny little hero. This flower which, while growing, smells like apples, is also the national flower of Russia and is often used in herbal beers. It's frequently applied for its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties and used in oils, perfumes and medicine. With a resume like this we can only emphasize the already well known fact that an infusion of the flower and its petals has a deep relaxing effect, inducing sleep and making us relaxed.


Relaxed, sleepy, warm


chamomile flowers



Brewing quantity

4 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

100 °C

Steeping time

5-7 minutes

Brewing method

4 grams / 300 ml
5-7 minutes
100 °C

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