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要加牛奶 - White tea

White & Light

No tea is more refined than white tea and we at Onan cherish these subtle sweethearts. Enjoy the floral notes of spring blossom or add some fruits and flowers and give your cup a tasty twist. White tea is known as a healthy and high quality product. It has earned its exclusive reputation for a couple of reasons.


processing white tea

First of all, the circumstances in which it is grown have to be nothing other than perfect. You need the right altitude, weather conditions and soil to get this kind of tea on point. Then there is the plucking, which is done by hand. Important to know is that only the buds and leaves at the top of the bush are used and that they mustn’t be bruised because it would start the oxidation process, necessary for creating a nice black tea but absolutely to be avoided with white one. Once the leaves and buds have been picked, the drying process can begin. The tea leaves are spread out in a dry room where the temperature is 30° Celsius. Then the leaves are roasted very carefully in a wok or oven of 40°C. After this the tea is ready to be served, and thanks to this careful process we get a cup full of antioxidants and low in theine.

Want to taste?

White tea
Blanc d'anji
White tea

White tea, mild, smooth and balanced, notes of spring blossom

White tea
Island white
White tea

White tea, flower petals, rose oil, lychee, grapefruit, apricot

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