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A Coffee Gift from Three Countries

Are you looking for the perfect coffee gift for yourself or a loved one? Our exclusive Coffee Gift Box takes you on a delightful journey through Brazil, Mexico, and India. This box contains carefully selected coffee beans from three unique farms, each with its own story and flavor profile. Discover the magic of these special coffees and the tales of the farms that produce them.

Stories from Our Direct Trade Farms

Martine & Euller from Brazil: fazenda Arema

Fazenda Arema in Brazil is managed by Martine and Euller. This farm is known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture and quality production. The beans from here have a rich, nutty flavor with hints of chocolate. The story of Fazenda Arema is one of passion and environmental care. With our coffee gift, you taste the effort and dedication in every bean.

Martine and Euller’s story blends passion for coffee, love, and resilience. Euller, once a promising football player, met Martine in Belgium after a career-ending injury. Their love led them to Brazil, where they settled in Euller’s hometown, Santa Rosa da Serra, to pursue their shared passion for coffee. Establishing Fazenda Arema in the Cerrado Mineiro region, they innovate with methods like pulped natural processing. Their dedication to specialty coffee is evident in their hands-on approach. They even personally delivered their first crop to Onan’s roastery in Belgium, forging a thriving enterprise in Brazil’s coffee country.

Thomas from Mexico: Finca Hamburgo

Finca Hamburgo in Mexico, run by Thomas Edelmann, is located high in the mountains of Chiapas. This farm combines traditional methods with innovative techniques to produce top-quality coffee. The beans from Finca Hamburgo offer a smooth, citrusy flavor that makes every sip a delight. By choosing our coffee giftbox, you support this farm and experience the rich culture and history of Mexican coffee production.

In 1888, German Arthur Edelmann established Finca Hamburgo in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico, at the government’s request to boost the local economy. Today, his descendant Thomas Edelmann Blass manages the farm, renowned for its high-quality, shade-grown coffee. This method protects plants from harsh weather, enriches the soil, and supports over 150 species of wildlife, reflecting the farm’s commitment to sustainability.

Finca Hamburgo also prioritizes community welfare with clean, accessible water resources. It offers a variety of carefully processed coffee types, including Pacamara and Catuai, ensuring bright and fresh flavours. Under Thomas’s leadership, the farm continues its legacy of quality and environmental stewardship.

Deepak from India: Palthope Estate

Deep in the Indian jungle, surrounded by unique flora and fauna, lies the beautiful Palthope Estate, founded in 1935 and now managed by Deepak Chenagappa Bolera. Deepak is renowned in India for his extensive knowledge of quality coffee cultivation and his commitment to an environment free of pesticides. His attention to detail has resulted in the award-winning Buttercup Bold variety, which surpasses regional standards. Specializing in lesser-known coffee species such as canephora and liberica, Deepak’s coffees are noted for their unique flavors and resilience to climate change and disease.

Located in Karnataka’s West-Ghats mountain range, Palthope Estate is surrounded by the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, home to Indian leopards, striped hyenas, Asian elephants, and the endangered Bengal tiger. Deepak, a former head ranger of the sanctuary, balances coffee cultivation with wildlife conservation, even creating open corridors in his plantations for elephants to pass through. His innovative practices ensure a harmonious coexistence between the farmland, wildlife, and local population.

Palthope Estate in India, is known for its eco-friendly approach and high-quality coffee. The beans from this farm have a unique, intense flavour with sweet and earthy tones. The family running Palthope Estate is dedicated to sustainability and more than fair trade. With our coffee giftbox, you not only taste the rich flavors of India but also support fair and ethical farming practices.

The ultimate coffee giftbox

Our Coffee Gift Box includes:

  • 3 x 250 grams of exclusive single-origin coffee
    (Brazil, Mexico, India)
  • Information cards about the farms and coffees
  • Elegant Onan signature box
  • 100% Direct Trade & honest

Don’t miss the chance to give a special coffee gift that offers an adventure of flavours and stories. Order your unique coffee gift now and enjoy a global coffee experience!


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