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Finca Hamburgo, Mexico

15°10’24.0”N 92°19’46.1”W

An Englishman in New York…
or was it a German in Mexico?

In 1888 a German called Arthur Edelmann was asked by the Mexican government to move to Mexico and create jobs for the local people in the Soconusco region. He agreed and started a coffee farm which he named Finca Hamburgo. Since then the farm has been passed on from generation to generation and today it is led by Thomas Edelmann Blass.
Finca Hamburgo is known for its high quality, shade grown coffees, but also for putting sustainability and the community high on its priority list!

Hamburgo’s  highlands!

Finca Hamburgo is located in the beautiful highlands of the Soconusco region in the state of Chiapas.

The farm is known for its shade grown coffee, meaning that the plants don’t grow in the open sunlight but are protected by a roof of trees surrounding the lots. This has a couple of advantages. The coffee plants are shielded from harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall and the temperature remains more constant, which has a beneficial effect on their growth. Besides the fact that coffee plants are known for their wide reaching vertical roots, thanks to the trees surrounding and protecting them, they get minerals from deep in the soil that would otherwise be unreachable. This has a great influence on the taste and creates a more complex coffee.

The region in which the farm is located is home to over 150 species of birds, mammals and reptiles and is famous for its abundance of waterfalls, rivers and springs. Most of this water is drinkable and can be used by both  residents and visitors to the estate. It’s just one of the many examples of how the owners try to run everything sustainable with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Flavours we love !

The range of varieties including pacamara, catuai, maragogype and many more is truly mouthwatering and a must have to complete our flavour collection! Let alone the meticulous way of manual processing that each and every single one undergoes. The bright and fresh flavours never cease to excite and astonish us during roasting and tasting!

Exceptional coffees, to drink and hike through.

On top of producing some of Mexico’s finest and most unique coffees, Thomas and his family recently found that combining their love for the craft with their natural hospitality would make for a fitting addition to the farm. As the Finca Hamburgo coffee fields are situated in an overwhelmingly attractive environment, they started practising responsible tourism, opening their farm to people from all over the world. Besides rappelling, hiking through pretty spots of nature and camping, you can go on coffee tours, learning about the entire process of growing coffee or why not, just relax!

Want to taste?

The Roast Master Collection

Original price was: € 45,00.Current price is: € 35,00.
Direct trade
Mexico Iglesia Espresso Roast

Soft body, citrus zest acidity, blackberry, raisin and ripe peach

Direct trade
Mexico Iglesia Filter Roast

Round body, sweetness of melon, light agrum notes, blackberry

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