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From idea to café: the origin of Onan

Summer 1996. Hans Onan sits frustrated on the terrace. Just before that, he’d tried to order a cappuccino, but they only had it with whipped cream. They had not heard of almond milk.

“No thank you, please have an espresso anyway”.

And that espresso? It was too sour. And also too bitter. Now that we’re complaining. 😉

On this wonderfully sunny holiday , trees and terraces in the shopping streets were in full bloom. The platters of beer and wine flew quickly over the counter, but Hans Onan was not pleased. “What a sin, I want to enjoy a moment and then get such a silly, unpassionate head in your hands, there goes my moment”

Around this very moment, Hans Onan decided that the quality and experience of coffee could really be improved. How could such a beautiful product receive so little respect and care?

Onan’s passion and flame was born, the idea of a concept where coffee, tea and his experience are given expertise from start to finish. A few years later, in 2004, Hans opened the first specialty coffee shop and bar in Leuven!

"More than 18 years and a million espressos later, we still roast and serve
your cup of pleasure with the same passion!"

It wasn’t much later that Chloé, a student, entered the shop during a long search for coffee beans. She left the store that day with delicious beans and a student job!

After her studies, her passion for coffee and its varieties turned out to be greater than the passion for teaching and she joined the business. Today she likes to combine the two, as a house roaster and one of the few Coffeeologists in Belgium you can hear her eagerly share knowledge and expertise with customers and colleagues!

Team with a coffee dream

Onan Coffee & Tea has grown and changed a lot over the years, and we are proud of that! Since the opening of our bar & shop in the Parijsstraat in 2004, we have gradually familiarized ourselves with the world of specialty coffee and, above all, direct trade.

During the last 18 years we developed our own unique roasting method and grew into one of the better coffee roasters in the region. We have quite a bit of experience under our belt and sharing the result of this is our passion!

Of course we don’t do this alone, we have the most passionate colleagues and team members in our shop who, one by one, help to develop and expand Onan’s mission every day!

Melanie has been working at Onan for 8 years now and as our shop manager and coffee expert, she always welcomes you with a smile and open arms.

Fortunately, she is assisted in this by our regular Team Onan members, Lisa, Carlotta and Elena and of course also our motivated job students!

Meanwhile, we all still burn and serve your cup of pleasure with the same passion as 18 years ago. Would you like to read more? Then click »here and let’s go!

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