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Baratza Virtuoso+

Automatic coffee grinder Virtuoso +



If you fancy brewing coffee at home like a pro, then the Virtuoso+ is the grinder for you! It’s the tried and true, quality-driven grinder that most baristas have at home and even in their cafes! The Virtuoso+ delivers a clean, café-quality taste to your cup thanks to a high performance conical burr set that produces uniform grind particles for balanced flavor notes. Find the perfect grind size with 40 individual settings for any method you feel in the mood to brew, from espresso to French Press. Easily control and replicate the perfect grind amount for your brew with the help of a digital screen and an intuitive interface. The Virtuoso+ grinds fast, keep an eye on the grinding action through the clear grounds bin, backlit with LEDs. The Virtuoso+ marries form and function for a stylish brewing tool that allows you to explore the vast range of flavor profiles. Fast forward your coffee journey with consistency and reliability while complimenting your coffee setup.

Fun fact

This amazing grinder is specifically designed to fit in most kitchens, so it most likely will fit under your kitchen cabinets.

Measurements W*H*D




Bean hopper capacity

8oz (230g)

Grounds basket capacity

5oz (142g)


40mm conical burrs

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