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Baratza Encore

Semi-automatic coffee bean grinder



This Baratza Encore is the ultimate entry-level grinder for your perfect home brewed cup of coffee. With its 40 different grind settings you can always find the perfect grind for your brew of choice. Whether you need a fine espresso ground coffee or a course French press grind, the Baratza Encore will have the perfect setting for your coffee. We highly recommend the Baratza Encore for you if you mostly need some large amount of coffee ground. It is very easy to grind a large amount of coffee because you can fill your bean hopper up till 8 ounces. Your coffee will be collected in the basket underneath your grinder. Just take the basket out and use the wished upon amount of coffee. If you are looking for a grinder to get the perfect espresso out of your espresso machine you might also enjoy our Baratza virtuoso+.

Fun fact

The Encore is specifically designed to fit in most kitchens, so it most likely will fit great under your kitchen cabinets.

Measurements W*H*D




Bean hopper capacity

8oz (227g)

Grounds basket capacity

5oz (142g)


40mm conical burrs

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