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Charlemagne Gift Box

Belgian Chocolate: A selection of flavoured chocolates in a beautiful box!

€ 19,00


This beautiful chocolate box from Charlemagne is local and available in 2 varieties, pink or black! Charlemagne is a chocolate company from Liège (Belgium) with who we've been working for many years now. This box contains a selection of their amazingly flavoured chocolates based on dark, milk and white chocolate for the pink box or only their dark chocolate varieties for the black box. Which one do you prefer?


Gourmand, intense, delicate

Fun fact

Did you know cocoa beans are roasted (just like coffee beans!) before they are powdered to make chocolate? Cool right!


36 chocolate squares


306 grams

The Pink Box

Chocolate squares flavoured with Violette, Poivre Rose, Agrumes, Lait Nougat, Lait Caramel, Café Croquant, Jasmin, Blanc Coco et Noir.

The Black Box

Dark chocolate squares flavoured with: Violette, Poivre Rose, Jasmin, Gingembre, Agrumes, Cannelle, Menthe Fraîche, Café Croquant, Noir.

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