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Matcha Set Onan

A perfect matcha set to create your matcha ritual at home

€ 42,90


This matcha set is all you need to prepare the perfect matcha at home! It contains our signature Onan matcha bowl in smooth pink or in soft green, a high-quality matcha whisk and a bamboo spoon.


Ritual, traditional, focus

Fun fact

Did you know that the art of preparing matcha is all about the quality of the foam on top of you matcha? The finer and smoother the foam is the better your matcha. A bamboo whisk and a wide flat bowl give you the best shot at creating this!

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Matcha Set

Signature Onan matcha bowl, bamboo whisk, bamboo spoon, Matcha Furo 50 gr (optional)

The bowl in this matcha set is available in our two signature colours: smooth pink or soft green. The shape of the bowl, material and coating are specifically designed to create the perfect matcha with beautiful foam. The bowl is engraved with our Onan’s catchphrase “We Make Your Brew Come True”.

You have the option to complete your set with our favourite Matcha Furo (50 grams) at a small discount. This matcha by KŪKAI Matcha Studio in Antwerp is our go-to matcha because it is so delicate and it is simply the best ceremonial matcha with a fair price for quality!

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