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Charlemagne tablet

Belgian Chocolate

€ 4,50


This delicious chocolate tablet from Charlemagne is local and available in 4 different varieties! Charlemagne is a chocolate company from Liège (Belgium) with who we've been working for many years now. For this newest collection they apply the concept of 'Bean to Bar', which is a bit comparable to our Direct Trade concept. They select their cocoa beans carefully and by directly from the farmers. All of their chocolate from this collection for their 50 years jubilee was made with beans from Nicaragua, Uganda and Dominican Republic. On top of that the chocolate is organic!


Gourmand, intense, delicate

Fun fact

Did you know cocoa beans are roasted (just like coffee beans!) before they are powdered to make chocolate? Cool right!


50 grams


9.7cm x 9.7cm x 0.7cm

Lait Cacao Intense

Made with beans from Nicaragua roasted at 130°C. Notes of Tropical wood with a creamy softness. Contains organic milk from the Belgian Ardennes. Best paired with : Porto

Noir Du Chef

A subtle blend (74%) made from two types of beans: one from Dominican Republic roasted at 116 °C with notes of honey and brownie and one from Uganda, roasted at 130 °C with notes of peach and orange. Both beans are produced by cooperatives of smallholders. Best pairing with: Rhum and Grenache wine

Noir Café Croquant

Based on the chocolate 'Noir du Chef', with crispy full-bodied coffee from Dem. Rep. of Congo from cooperative Amka from the region of Kivu. Best paired with coffee liquor and Syrah wine.

Lait Caramel Beurre Salé

Made from the O'Tuma cocoa bean (44%) roasted at 130 °C and flavoured with creamy caramel, butter and salt from Guérande. Best paired with Champagne, Porto and Sherry

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