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Earl Grey Superior

Classic, full bodied, fresh

Black tea

€ 9,70


Earl Grey is a combination of Chinese and Indian tea. This blend is then seasoned with bergamot oil, so that its full body carries the typical character of malty notes with a fresh lemony hint from the bergamot.

Fun fact

The story goes that the tea is called after Earl Charles Grey, a British politician from the Eighteenth Century. During one of his trade missions to Asia, Charles Grey was offered to drink this tea. When a servant of the Earl saved a young boy from his death, the boy’s father named the tea after Earl Grey out of gratitude.


Awake, focused, warm


earl grey tea blend, bergamot oil, malty notes, lemon freshness




withering, crushing, oxidating, drying

Brewing quantity

3 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

90 °C

Steeping time

3 minutes

Brewing method

3 grams / 300 ml
3 minutes
90 °C

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