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Moccamaster KBG Select

KBG Select filterbrew



€ 239,00


Filter coffee is growing in popularity, and we're noticing this every day. Catchphrases like slow coffee, drip coffee, batch-brew confirm this trend. Besides that, the necessity to make smaller amounts of filter coffee grows as well. The new Moccamaster KBG Select is ECBC certified for 4 to 10 cups. Thanks to the new select switch, it's possible to easily switch between a full or half jug. The brewing process will be slower when used in the half jug position. The result will always be an aromatic cup of coffee with a full flavour, regardless of the amount of cups. This makes the Moccamaster KBG Select the perfect coffee machine for all amount of cups!

Fun fact

The moccomaster KBG Select is available in more than 10 colours, come by our shop to check out all the colours available.

Coffee Filter

Size No.4

Brewing temperature

perfect brewing temperature of 92° – 96°

Brewing Time

Your batch will be ready in les than 6 minutes!


* The hot plate keeps your coffee warm at 80-85°C
* Fire safe: automatically switches off after 40 min.
* Handmade in the Netherlands using high-quality materials
* Durable: all parts can be ordered and replaced separately
* Selector switch for optimum taste with a full or half-full pot of coffee
* Anti-drip mechanism, non-slip base

Measurements WxHxD

36 x 32 x 17 cm


2.8 kg


1.25 L


Max. 1.520 W / 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz


Metal / Plastic (BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate Free)

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