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Oolong China milky

Herbal, sweet, creamy

Oolong tea

€ 12,50


The leaves of the Oolong China milky tea are steamed with milk. The result of this process is an amazing creamy aroma , a slightly nutty taste with hints of yoghurt, milk and honey. On top of that this full bodied oolong tea has a smooth and velvety mouthfeel like no other.

Fun fact

There was a man called Wu Liang who was distracted by a deer after having picked tea leaves for a whole day. Consequently, the leaves started to oxidize and oolong tea was born. The tea got the man's name but as it was pronounced incorrectly we now call it Wu Long! So, well done for a bad job, Wu Liang!


Relaxed, warm, happy


oolong tea steamed with milk, full, creamy, slight honey sweetness






withering, bruising, oxidating, drying

Brewing quantity

2 grams / 300ml

Brewing temperature

80 °C

Steeping time

3 minutes

Brewing method

2 grams / 300ml
3 minutes
80 °C

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