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Or de Curcuma

Herbal, spicy

Herbal infusion

€ 9,00


This herbal infusion tea is made of turmeric roots and ginger pieces and caters for an extraordinary taste experience. Ginger’s spicy hot flavour is underlined by sweet aniseed and delightfully bitter cocoa shells. That certain something comes from cinnamon pieces and their pleasant spice. This tea will take care of your personal coddling experience: just let yourself go, breathe deeply and relax.

Fun fact

Turmeric has been used to support the immune system and to maintain healthy liver function and digestion


Relaxed, warm


turmeric, ginger, anise seed, cocoa bark, cinnamon


spicy and warm

Brewing quantity

5 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

100 °C

Steeping time

5-7 minutes

Weight bag

100 gr

Brewing method

5 grams / 300 ml
5-7 minutes
100 °C

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