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乌龙茶 - Oolong tea

You can't go wrong, with a sweet oolong

Chances are you never heard of this tea, nonetheless it is definitely worth a taste! It is not green, nor black, it can be situated somewhere in between. While green tea is never oxidized and black always is, oolong is only partly oxidized.

Processing Oolong

The first steps of the processing are similar to those of black tea. To begin with, there is the withering of the leaves until humidity reduces is reduced by half. Then the leaves are bruised on the edges by shaking them in baskets, whereas in black tea they get completely crushed instead. The bruising causes the oxidation to start, however, only for a short time. The longer this process lasts the more it will resemble black tea, the shorter, the closer it will lean towards a green variety. After this the leaves get dried until their humidity drops down to 5 percent. It is important to know that oolong has its own unique flavour and is like no other tea!

Want to taste?

Oolong China milky
Oolong tea

Oolong tea steamed with milk, full, creamy, slight honey sweetness

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