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Coffee machine with beans: Your guide to perfection with Onan Coffee & Tea.


Ah, the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. You know the feeling. That first sip of the day that sets the world right again. What if we told you that experience could be even better with a coffee machine with beans?

From grandma’s coffee pot to the hippest espresso bar in town, the evolution of coffee is something to behold.

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Especially fully automatic coffee machines are the heroes of this story. Freshly ground beans straight into your cup. All with just the push of a button!

How do I choose a fully automatic coffee machine with beans?

Fully automatic coffee machines are real game-changers. Why? They use fresh beans! But how do you choose the best coffee machine for home use?

Invest in Quality

We advise investing in a brand that specializes in coffee machines with beans. Universal household brands, although versatile, may sometimes miss the latest innovations in the coffee industry. While a wide range of price options is available, it’s advisable not to cut too many corners. Machines under 300 euros often compromise quality, leading to higher long-term costs due to a shortened lifespan. Choose wisely and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every day!

External Milk System

Prefer a creamy cappuccino or a frothy latte macchiato? Then pay attention to the type of milk system on your coffee machine. Although machines with an integrated milk system might seem attractive due to their sleek design, an external milk system has clear advantages. Firstly, they often provide better temperature control, ensuring perfectly frothed milk. On a hygiene front, they stand out as well. As milk residues in machines can spoil quickly, thorough and regular cleaning is essential. An external system is easier to dismantle and clean, reducing the risk of bacterial formation. If you fancy a potent espresso? Simply remove the milk reservoir and save some counter space! From our experience, it’s advisable to keep the coffee and milk systems separate for lower-priced machines!

The ‘Perfect Grind’

Dive into the world of fully automatic coffee machines, and you’ll quickly discover the central role of the grinder. While professionals often opt for steel grinding discs, a ceramic grinder is the best choice for home use. Firstly, ceramic grinders offer durability; their grinding discs stay sharp longer. Moreover, they generate less heat during grinding, preserving the subtle aromas of your coffee beans. And let’s face it, no one wants a noisy machine waking up the entire house. Thankfully, ceramic grinders are quieter, allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee in peace.

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Time to Inaugurate Your Coffee Machine

Okay, so you’ve invested in an awesome coffee machine with beans. What’s next? That perfect balance between water and beans, temperature and time… it makes all the difference. With the right settings, every cup becomes a masterpiece.

The Perfect Spot

Where should you place your coffee machine? The most important thing is to place it on a level and stable surface. Never place your coffee machine on an incline; it can hamper the machine’s operation.


Your cup of coffee consists of 98% water. Water greatly influences the final taste of the coffee. We recommend opting for filtered water or using a water filter in the water reservoir, if possible. Before turning on the machine, first, fill the water reservoir. This water will cleanse the tubes of your coffee machine, cleaning them and heating the system.


When selecting your coffee, it’s essential to realize that a fully automatic coffee machine functions with beans. Therefore, never use ground coffee. Here at Onan, coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s a passion. We regard the coffee beans as the heart of the coffee cup. Our beans are meticulously chosen to offer you that unforgettable experience. Additionally, roasting plays a pivotal role. A dark espresso roast delivers the typical intense and rich taste of an espresso, combined with a creamy crema. Opting for a lighter filter roast will give a blander and more acidic flavor profile, and you lose the crema. You wouldn’t wear sandals in the snow, would you?

The Magic of the Right Settings

Yes, it’s technical. But it’s also magical. New to the world of coffee machines? Start in the middle. Choose a neutral coffee dosage, grind size, and water volume and experiment from there. Brew your first coffee but don’t drink it. This coffee acts as a kind of purification of the entire route that each coffee will take. Then determine if the coffee’s volume suits your taste, adjust the volume, and brew a second coffee. Taste!

Want more strength or body? Then adjust the amount of coffee being ground. Once you’ve achieved the right strength,

And remember: it’s all about what you like!

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The combination of the perfect coffee machine and the perfect beans can work wonders. Are you ready for the best coffee experience ever? Try your coffee machine with coffee beans from Onan. Discover our espresso range here and change your coffee game forever!

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