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Fazendas Dutra, Brazil

20°18’49.7”S 42°07’33.9”W

Two brothers, one passion

Positive, outgoing and hardworking, that is how we’d like to describe the Dutra brothers. In 1999 they took charge of the Fazenda as their father left them 300 hectares of land and a passion for coffee. Combining intensive training and education, they led the farm into the 21st century. Since becoming the second most sustainable farm in the whole of Brazil last year, the brothers now belong at the top of the Brazilian specialty coffee industry. With these gentlemen it is not just about coffee, it is about perfectionism, passion and sustainability.

Microlot- What’s in a name?

In 2014 we bought our first lot, a very particular microlot that enables us to offer an amazing variety called catuai amarelo, which, growing in its own microclimate, yields its own unique taste.
Handpicking the cherries at exactly the right time results in a sugary, yellow cherry of a quality transcending our sweetest dreams.
Every year, the highest quality of this particular microlot is exclusively harvested for the Onan roastery.

In 2015 we purchased a nearby lot producing the exact same variety, but with red cherries this time, the catuai vermelho, different but as unique as its yellow twin!

The name Jaquatirica refers to a small type of jaguar foraging in our lots for the best coffee cherries.

A region destined to grow coffee!

The farm is situated in the Minas Gerais region, in a place called Sao Joao Do Manhuacu.

The red volcanic soil, the altitude, the climate and lush jungle create perfect conditions for growing coffee.

Realizing how important the surroundings are for the quality of their product, Walter and Ednilson Dutra worked out a way of growing coffee that combines environmental science and their love for nature, in order to preserve these perfect conditions for later generations.


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