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A calming floral blend, with sweet and herbal notes

Herbal infusion

€ 9,00


Floral, sweet

Fun fact

Lavender does not only have great calming properties, but is also full of anti-oxidants which could benefit your skin! Next to that all other herbs of this blend have potential soothing or enhancing properties for the skin. Use your freshly used teabag to pat the skin gently, just like a tonic!


Relaxed, sleepy


melissa, apple, fennel, anise, rosehip, cumin, lavender, calendula, sweet blackberry leaf


Floral with a herb twist

Brewing quantity

5 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

100 °C

Steeping time

5-7 minutes

Weight bag

100 gr

Brewing method

5 grams / 300 ml
5-7 minutes
100 °C

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