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Spicy Chai

Spicy, full bodied, complex and warming

Black tea

€ 10,00


This black tea is spiced up with some cardamom, anise, chicory, ginger, black pepper and clove. It is warming, full in body and has a pungent and spicy flavour.

Fun fact

Did you know that this is the one and only blend that we at Onan use to prepare our marvellous 'chai latte'? Check out our tea brewing page for the recipe!


Awake, warm, balanced


black tea, cardamom, anise, chicory, ginger, black pepper, clove



Brewing quantity

3 grams / 300 ml

Brewing temperature

90 °C

Steeping time

3 minutes

Brewing method

3 grams / 300 ml
3 minutes
90 °C

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