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Coffee of the month: Houseblend Amer Forte

Amer forte: Two farms one blend

New month means new coffee! April will be dedicated to our ravishing houseblend Amer Forte.
Established in 2015, it has remained one of the most popular espresso coffees we have ever had the pleasure of roasting.
Combining or blending two varieties with the goal of lifting and intensifying each other is not something we take or roast lightly!
There are lots of factors to be considered when making a blend, such as variety, bean size, way of processing and height. All these characteristics make or break the relationschip between the two coffees and it is of the utmost importance to us to bring out the best in each of them! Our Amer Forte is a blend providing a strong and powerful body combined with a dark, bold and beautiful character. Its earthy flavours, covered with a caramel sweetness make for a perfect balanced espresso any time of the day! The roast is medium to dark giving a soft crema when using a semi- or fully automatic espresso maker. You can enjoy it pure and go for a flavoursome rush, or add some (foamy) milk, creating a great cappuccino while retaining the tasteful coffee notes.

who does what? brazil


Since our latest collaboration with the Arema farm, we switched up the base of our old school blend making it a 100% direct trade espresso blend! Forming over 90% of the Amer Forte,  Martine & Euller’s catuai gives our blend its sweetness and nutty flavours. Its mild body, red berry notes and chocolate nuances make for a perfect base. Now we need something to carry these qualities .

Who does what? INDIA

Our longterm friendship with Deepak and his family is as valuable to us as the delightful coffee they produce.
Having created his very own unique variety called Butter Beanz, Deepak’s canephora lifts our blend, giving it a smooth body and a full, dark and earthy feel. It produces a beautiful crema and gives us a slight caffeine boost, perfect for any morning or afternoon for that matter! While visiting we got to know Deepak and his coffees very well and oh how we love them both! If you would like to see where this amazing coffee grows and get a little feel of our impressions of India check out the photo album on our blog or visit Deepak’s direct trade page!

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