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Palthope Estate, India

12°00’11.7”N 76°02’58.3”E

Once upon a time in the Indian jungle…

The beautiful Palthope Estate is deeply hidden in the Indian jungle, surrounded by unique flora and fauna. It was founded in 1935 and is now run by Deepak Chenagappa Bolera.
Deepak is a diligent, yet humble man who is well known and respected in India for his incredible knowledge of growing quality coffee. He believes that a coffee can only be as good as the environment it is cultivated in. This is why you won’t even find the smallest trace of pesticides in his coffee.
His phenomenal eye for detail and quality resulted in his award winning Buttercup Bold variety, referring to a top class standard that none of the other estates in the region can achieve. Every step of the growing process including harvesting and processing is personally monitored before the coffee sets sail to Europe..

Switch it up

Deepak doesn’t grow the well-known arabica coffee, but instead he specializes in the more unknown species such as canephora and liberica, two other members of the coffea family that are extremely interesting in flavour and when cultivated correctly, more than worth our attention.

Especially the canephora (which is much more common than liberica) gives a unique aroma of dark, woody notes, spices, nuts and sweet dried stonefruit. We love it for its bold character and heavy body which makes it perfect to play around with, creating awesome full blends (but also the pure versions are a treat!).

On top of this, these varieties are better adapted to temperature change and heavy rains and are less vulnerable to diseases than the arabicas.


Coffee farmer and wildlife ranger

Located in the state of Karnataka, in the West-Ghats mountain range, the Palthope estate is completely surrounded by the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. This national park is known for its interesting inhabitants like Indian leopards, striped hyenas and Asian elephants. More intriguing is the fact that it is one of the last habitats of the endangered Bengal tiger.
Deepak knows this park all too well because in his younger years he used to be the head ranger, protecting the wildlife from hunters. Now he tries to find an appropriate balance between the cultivation of the farmland, the wildlife, and considering the local population. It is not uncommon for him to find one of his lots completely trampled by elephants. Elephants are creatures of habit and choose paths they have followed for centuries. So instead of protecting his lots with electrical fences, he created open corridors in his plantations for the elephants to pass through.
Little things like this make living together possible.

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Want to taste?

Direct trade
India Butter Beanz Espresso Roast

Intense and dark, earthy notes, cognac, leather, pure chocolate, peach, dried apricot

Direct trade
Amer Forte      Espresso roast

Powerful and creamy body, earthy notes, roasted hazelnuts, dark caramel sweetness, stonefruits in the aftertaste

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